How to behave at work

Joining the workforce is a very important issue in a person’s life. And, even if you already have work experience, sometimes it is difficult to know exactly How to behave at work. Why? well, e because you want to offer your services but you don’t want to be a doormat. And, all of this confusion on what you have to do and what you don’t may lead workers to a lot of stress.

So, first things first, there is nothing wrong with giving a hand to your coworkers when they need it. However, if you see that your coworkers are avoiding their own responsibilities and leaving them all to you, then you really need to do something about it. Learning how to set healthy boundaries will help you to be assertive when you need to say “No”. Remember that you are a person and you can’t do everything by yourself. 

Also, remember that being polite and assertive are both qualities you need to have. If you learn how to say no with a calmed and relaxed voice, then probably people will understand that you are kind, caring and helpful but you are not a doormat. So try learning these social skills and your behavior will be approved. 

Alicia Keys Tour

Alicia Keys is one of the greatest artists of America. She is very well-known all around the world. She is an actress, singer, and songwriter who is well known in the R&B and Soul environment. She has sold something about forty million records all around the world and has won fifteen Grammy Awards, seventeen Billboard, and three American Music Awards. Thus, the yet to come Alicia Keys tour is of great interest for a lot of people.

This time, she will be traveling all around the world and will be singing all of her hit songs and the ones from her newest album called “Here”. Last time Alicia went on tour was on 2013 when she did the “Girl on Fire Tour” in which she promoted the album which is named the same way as the tour was. She made as much as 40 million dollars from this tour. 

“Here” is her sixth studio album and it is amazing. Fans are very happy and satisfied with her development as an artist. So, make sure that you save the date for this amazing tour which will be happening during this year.